Winter: Head Accessories

I love to keep my head with a fashionable head accessory! Here are my favourite picks for this season.

Barrett or beanie
There is nothing as classic as a barret or beanie, perfect for winter and very fashionable, I have a gorgeous barrett from H&M with zebraprint. Head accessories are the perfect way to spice up a sad black wintercoat. Go for something daring!

I Absoluuutely love my bowlerhat. Some people find me brave to wear it, but I find it refreshing. I do not understand what people find brave about it, it is just a hat and it is surely in this season. This can make every outfit from casual to a preppy formal outfit. Must have in my opinion.

Earmuffs are great when you want to have an updo but you don't want to have cold ears. I adore my earmuffs, they are simple brown, with fur. I'm always in the lookout for new earmuffs, I find it difficult to find good quality, not cheap looking earmuffs.

So these are my favourite head accessories this winter! Hope you get some inspiration of it.
TIP: Try your local sportshop, you would be suprised of the selection of beanies and earmuffs, it is amazing!

Love D.

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