Winter: Makeup and Nails

I change my style in the winter, than I'm feeling a bit more edgy, rock and even gothic yes. What I love love is having dark nailpolish, I try not to use black because it is so cliché. But dark tones as dark blue, violet, bordeaux or what I am rocking now for the moment a beautiful dark green. There are beautiful nailpolishes in the OPI collection, everytime I see the color "Here today... Aragon Tomorrow" my heart melts. But I also tend to go for more cheaper brands as Catrice. The range of nailpolishes is great and they cost €2,49, that's no money right?

The look that I always tend to do in the morning for my face makeup, is a light foundation, deep red blush (with a light hand of course) and a simple eye. Just black fifties eyeliner and a lot of mascara and THAN a bright or dark lip. TO DIE FOR! At the moment I am simply obsessed with matte lips. They are really the definition of a chique yet understated lip. I am using NYX matte lip cream, "it is not a lipstick nor is it a gloss", it is just fabulous! Check the color Amsterdam, not only is it a great city but the color is insane gorgeous and even daytimeproof!

This is my vision of the winter makeup trends.
Hope you like them, love D.


  1. I love wearing darker nail polish in winter! It feels so much more appropriate than the bright colors. Matte lips are so understated and always look gorgeous!

  2. Your doodles are absolutley stunning.
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