Mascara love: Lancôme Hypnôse

I do believe a great mascara helps finishing and refining a look. Big doll eyes are really in this season, or better said big eyes are always in! I admit, I'm a sucker for mascara but I do stand behind my one and only rule for mascara. Don't use more than one mascara at the time. Thank god for this one rule I made up for myself or I would have 20 mascara's in my beauty drawer. Reason that I have this rule, a mascara doesn't stay good for long. After 2-3 month's it starts to smell funky and ho god, I don't want to put that on my eyelashes. Your eyes are one of the most important features of your body. Please take care of them! Mascara is a great place for breeding bacteria, please keep that in mind.

So enough rambling about hygiene... I'm not your mom.

This beauty is yours for €30,50! (or at least that is what i payed for my beauty haha/hono)
What is the mascara that I keeps a special place in my heart. The title of this post probably gave it away. It is Lancôme Hypnôse mascara! I tried a lot of high end and drugstore mascara's but this one never disappoints me. It gives the best curl and length a girl like me needs. And I know this isn't the cheapest mascara, but if you only own one at a time this is still worth the money.

As a poor college student this is the one and only real high end product I keep on buying. So that must say a lot (I guess...).

So well well, this is my first (real! with a subject!) post for this blog and I hope there will be A LOT more in the future. Hope to see you soon.

Love D.


  1. Amazing painting's!!!! :) xx and i have that mascara its so good xx

  2. Love this and think that your drawings are awesome! This take is so original!! I couldn't draw a circle if I had too! :-)
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