Winter: Makeup and Nails

I change my style in the winter, than I'm feeling a bit more edgy, rock and even gothic yes. What I love love is having dark nailpolish, I try not to use black because it is so cliché. But dark tones as dark blue, violet, bordeaux or what I am rocking now for the moment a beautiful dark green. There are beautiful nailpolishes in the OPI collection, everytime I see the color "Here today... Aragon Tomorrow" my heart melts. But I also tend to go for more cheaper brands as Catrice. The range of nailpolishes is great and they cost €2,49, that's no money right?

The look that I always tend to do in the morning for my face makeup, is a light foundation, deep red blush (with a light hand of course) and a simple eye. Just black fifties eyeliner and a lot of mascara and THAN a bright or dark lip. TO DIE FOR! At the moment I am simply obsessed with matte lips. They are really the definition of a chique yet understated lip. I am using NYX matte lip cream, "it is not a lipstick nor is it a gloss", it is just fabulous! Check the color Amsterdam, not only is it a great city but the color is insane gorgeous and even daytimeproof!

This is my vision of the winter makeup trends.
Hope you like them, love D.


Winter: Head Accessories

I love to keep my head with a fashionable head accessory! Here are my favourite picks for this season.

Barrett or beanie
There is nothing as classic as a barret or beanie, perfect for winter and very fashionable, I have a gorgeous barrett from H&M with zebraprint. Head accessories are the perfect way to spice up a sad black wintercoat. Go for something daring!

I Absoluuutely love my bowlerhat. Some people find me brave to wear it, but I find it refreshing. I do not understand what people find brave about it, it is just a hat and it is surely in this season. This can make every outfit from casual to a preppy formal outfit. Must have in my opinion.

Earmuffs are great when you want to have an updo but you don't want to have cold ears. I adore my earmuffs, they are simple brown, with fur. I'm always in the lookout for new earmuffs, I find it difficult to find good quality, not cheap looking earmuffs.

So these are my favourite head accessories this winter! Hope you get some inspiration of it.
TIP: Try your local sportshop, you would be suprised of the selection of beanies and earmuffs, it is amazing!

Love D.


Mascara love: Lancôme Hypnôse

I do believe a great mascara helps finishing and refining a look. Big doll eyes are really in this season, or better said big eyes are always in! I admit, I'm a sucker for mascara but I do stand behind my one and only rule for mascara. Don't use more than one mascara at the time. Thank god for this one rule I made up for myself or I would have 20 mascara's in my beauty drawer. Reason that I have this rule, a mascara doesn't stay good for long. After 2-3 month's it starts to smell funky and ho god, I don't want to put that on my eyelashes. Your eyes are one of the most important features of your body. Please take care of them! Mascara is a great place for breeding bacteria, please keep that in mind.

So enough rambling about hygiene... I'm not your mom.

This beauty is yours for €30,50! (or at least that is what i payed for my beauty haha/hono)
What is the mascara that I keeps a special place in my heart. The title of this post probably gave it away. It is Lancôme Hypnôse mascara! I tried a lot of high end and drugstore mascara's but this one never disappoints me. It gives the best curl and length a girl like me needs. And I know this isn't the cheapest mascara, but if you only own one at a time this is still worth the money.

As a poor college student this is the one and only real high end product I keep on buying. So that must say a lot (I guess...).

So well well, this is my first (real! with a subject!) post for this blog and I hope there will be A LOT more in the future. Hope to see you soon.

Love D.

Welcome me

Hello readers!

This is a new blog starting on the web and I hope it will be as succesful as it is in my head. Concept of the blog is that I draw what I love and I love me some fashion and beauty.

I hope you give this blog a chance and I hope to see you soon again.

Love D.